Supporting local charities is incredibly important. Did you know that the income of just 40 charities makes up 20% of the funds in the entire sector. Local charities are being challenged by this inequality.


Exeter Community Initiatives works with adults, children and families to try and give them the best hope in life we can. We want to see parents who are able to take care of their children, able to manage their households successfully, not enter into abusive relationships and at the end of all that, avoid at all costs the crisis of homelessness.

Your donation can help us reach families and adults that would otherwise go unsupported. Your money will help Exeter and Devon become a better place to live.

  • £5 will pay for volunteer mentor’s expenses to meet a person out in the community;
  • £10 will cover the costs of materials to run a family activity;
  • £20 will help someone pay for a new set of clothes for an interview;
  • £60 will help cover the costs of furniture for a new house;
  • £600 will pay for us to support a struggling young family with issues such as debt and parenting.

It is very important to us that your details are never shared and we use your money to directly deliver benefits to your community. We are small and keep our overheads to a minimum – you can always trust your money is being used to best effect.