What we do

Exeter Community Initiatives helps people facing poverty, inequality and homelessness to get their lives back on track.

We do this by developing new projects to help people develop skills to help them succeed in life, improve their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and increase their sense of belonging.

We work with partners supporting people with experience of homelessness, alcohol and substance misuse and mental health issues.

We have three key areas of work:

Vulnerable Adults – We provide support for adults experiencing multiple disadvantage. We are currently seeking funding to restart Bike Bank where unemployed and vulnerable people can develop practical skills in a workshop environment. Our Ripple Effect project works with people in recovery engage in meaningful and creative activities. Transitions provides one-to-one coaching and mentoring for people experiencing mental or physical health issues or other challenges that affect their wellbeing.

People & Communities – We have a team of Community Builders working across all thirteen wards in Exeter. The Community Builders work with local residents and community groups at a neighbourhood level building confident, more connected communities. We also run the Exeter Connect service that provides free, independent support to existing and new community organisations across the city to help them develop and become more self-sustaining.

Children and Families – We provide one-to-one and group support for families through the Devon Family Resource project. This service works with Early Help, Victim Care and local GP surgeries. We also provide support for parents using the Devon Children’s Centres through our Parent Progression project helping them access opportunities to improve their employability. We have established the Jelly charity shop that offers affordable children’s clothes, books and toys and provides volunteering opportunities for local people.

We work to support individuals and communities become more self-reliant and connected.