Share Scheme

ECI has a way that you can give regularly to support our work on a longer term basis. We call this our Share Scheme. ECI’s mission is to help where it matters most and the Share Scheme allows you to share in the good work and impact we make in our communities. The Share Scheme is a way of you giving a financial contribution, ideally over five years. Buying one or more shares means providing acontribution of vital importance, year after year, to ECI’s mission. They have no economic or financial value, but have a deeper significance. Through them, you join us in our commitment to the lives of the men, women and families of Exeter and Devon who, day by day strive to make their lives better. 

Each share is £60 and the money goes towards our development work, which helps ECI:

  • remain flexible and able to meet the future needs of vulnerable individuals and communities
  • plan ahead for a five-year period with confidence

The Share Scheme brings huge value to ECI and we are extremely thankful to all our past and existing supporters. It contributes a huge percentage to our free reserves and helps the charity remain flexible and able to meet new need in the city and beyond. 

The Share Scheme lets you give regularly to ECI and continue to support ECI as a charity for Exeter and Devon that helps where it matters most. 

Please download the form here  and the leaflet here